Roku TV Unable to Connect to WiFi

Roku TV Unable to Connect to WiFi or Wireless Network

Your Roku streaming player or Roku TV gives you access to stream sound and video from the web. For this to work, you need a decent network from your Roku gadget to your home system and from your home system to the web. This article gives the appropriate steps that will assist in checking these connections and ensuring that they’re working fine.

For what reasons do I see messages such as “Unable to connect to wireless network” or “Not connected to the internet”?

When you set up your Roku player or Roku TV for streaming, you should associate this gadget to your home system similar to that you interface your PC. Just select your wireless network name and enter the appropriate password. In doing so, a remote association is set up from your Roku gadget to your home access point or router*. Your router at that point awards accesses to the web through a broadband service given by your network access supplier, or ISP.

If your Roku gadget can’t interface with your home router or access the web through the router, you will most likely be unable to set up your gadget. In situations where the system or web association is lost after your gadget is set up; you will most likely be unable to dispatch channels that require a web association or you may encounter interferences when streaming.

The following are some of the error screens you may see should your Roku device encounter a connectivity issue.

  • This screen may show up when you are at first attempting to interface your Roku streaming gadget to your wireless network.
  • The below screen may appear when your Roku device is trying to make the connection when the wireless network name and password have been entered.
  • When the network or internet connection is no good while trying to launch a streaming channel- this screen will appear.
  • If the system or web association is lost during playback, you may see the accompanying error screen.

How might I check the connection?

If you need to check your connection, visit the Settings menu on your Roku device.
  • Go to Settings > Network > Check connection to perform a two-section test. The initial segment checks for a connection with your home system and tests the quality of the signal. The subsequent part watches that you are associated with the web and measures the speed of that connection.
  • If your wireless signal strength or web speed is poor, you will be furnished with on-screen directions to help settle the issue.

Note: If your Roku gadget isn’t connected with your system, you won’t see the Check connection alternative. You will just observe a Setup association alternative. You have to set up your Roku gadget on your system before you can check the connection.

How might I settle these connectivity issues?

  • Enter the correct name for your wireless network. Choosing an inappropriate wireless network name will make your wireless network connection fail. On the off chance that you are not sure that your Roku gadget is associated with the right system, get assistance from our experts by simply calling them.
  • Enter the secret phrase effectively. On the off chance that you trust you know your wireless password; however it isn’t working, attempt trying it again. Committing an error by entering a wrong password can be common. Remember, these passwords are case-sensitive.
  • Verify that your Router is working appropriately. If it isn’t working properly, try restarting it.
  • Improve the wireless signal strength. If you feel that your password is correct and all the other devices can access the router, however, your Roku device is still unable to connect to your wireless network, most likely it is because of a lagging wireless signal. For your information, the wireless signal gets weaker the farther your Roku device is from the router. Thus, ensure to minimize the distance between your Roku device and the router.
  • Restart your Roku gadget and your Router. To restart your Roku player, go to Settings > System > System restart. To restart your Roku TV, go to Settings > System > Power > System restart. You can likewise unplug the Roku gadget from the power source, hold up a couple of seconds, and afterward reconnect it.
  • To restart your router, check the directions from your ISP or switch seller. Now and again, you can essentially unplug it and attach it back in, and in different cases, it might require squeezing a reset catch on the gadget.
Note: It will take a couple of moments for the two gadgets to restart.

On the off chance that you have recently associated your Roku gadget with your switch, it ought to consequently reconnect. If it isn’t reconnecting, or on the off chance that you are setting up your Roku gadget just because, complete the system arrangement process.

The above troubleshooting steps help in resolving your error: Unable to Connect My Roku Device to WiFi. However, if you still have issues or queries, you may get in touch with savvy experts for assistance. They are professionals with years of experience in the industry. They can resolve the most convoluted Roku issue in the shortest time possible. What’s more, they are well-known to the people in the United States because of their differential attitude towards their customers. Plus, the experience that you will have after speaking to them is perhaps something that you may have had before.  Give us a call today to know more about our reliable services. We are here to fix your Roku query.