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Fix Roku HDCP Unauthorized Error – HDCP Error Detected

Roku is the prominent streaming media player that allows you to watch all your favorite content like movies, TV shows, live sports, live news, and much more. But most of the users complain that sometimes, the purple screen appears on the Roku Device, which means that Roku HDCP error has occurred and it also shows that the Roku HDCP unauthorized content is disabled and also not support by the streaming device.

If you want to get your Roku HDCP error fixed, you need to approach the team of go. Roku/HDCP help will not only guide but will also provide you all the reliable information regarding the Roku HDCP unauthorized error.

How you can fix the Roku HDCP unauthorized Error Code Detected 020 issue?

Want to resolve the Roku HDCP error detected 020 then you need to visit the Roku com HDCP help who will provide you all the instruction and the methods how you can easily fix the Roku HDCP error. But before that, you want to know why this Roku HDCP error occurs?

When there is any fault in the physical connection or there is no communication between your TV and the Roku.

Steps to fix the Roku HDCP unauthorized error Code:

You can fix the issue like Roku HDCP unauthorized content disabled or Roku HDCP error through the following steps:

  • The first step is to unplug your Roku and the TV from the HDMI cable and also from the connectors.
  • Keep the Roku device and the TV unplugs for 20 seconds.
  • Then reconnect both the device back to the HDMI cable.
  • Further, you need to put the device back to power. So, plug in the Roku and the TV.
  • Now, try to view the video again.

In case if these steps do not help you in getting your Roku HDCP unauthorized error resolve then you can visit the go.Roku/HDCP help team. They will listen to your error and will provide you all the important solutions that are required to fix the Roku HDCP error. Even you can approach us through HDCP help. Many users of the Roku say that they find the purple screen or the black screen for the first time? And that put them in confusion as they have no idea about it and they even do not know how you can fix the Roku HDCP unauthorized content disabled error. All you can do is just go.Roku/HDCP help and then communicate with our team who are well-qualified in fixing all the problems related to the Roku. You can communicate anytime throughout the day or the night. Get in touch with us.