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How to Activate activation code | Activate Your Roku Today!

Needless to say that streaming today is a popular name of entertainment and Roku dominates the video streaming industry. The device was launched way back in 2008 and its paramount success over the years is perhaps one reason why it’s seen in almost every household these days.

In continuation, a major benefit of possessing Roku equipment is its ability to deliver wide video content. With Roku, one can access Amazon Prime Video, Sony Crackle, Netflix, and even the likes of YouTube and Hulu- for example. Plus, you can also have the privilege of individual channels like HBO, Disney Channel, CBC, and more, at the convenience of your home while being on the couch of the chair.

Discussed were some of the grounds that make sense for owning a Roku Activation device if you haven’t purchased one till now. The hope is that you will certainly get enthralled in some of the tremendous video kinds of stuff that will only raise your TV experience. So, activate your Roku today!

Contemplating How To Activate Your Roku? Here’s Your Answer!

To enjoy streaming content, you will require a Roku account along with a wireless internet connection. Note: You won’t have to spend a single penny to create a Roku account.

Guided Setup For Activating Your Roku Device:-

Place batteries in the remote control

  1. Open the back cover of the remote control to insert the batteries. While placing them ensure that they are inserted by checking the correct polarity as indicated inside the battery compartment.
  2. Place back the cover.

Turn on the TV

  1. Make sure the light below the TV screen should be ON, proving that the TV has power.
  2. Press the Power button on your Roku TV remote control to turn on the TV’s startup screen.

Pick a language

  1. When the Roku TV powers on, the first screen gives you the privilege to choose your desired language. Select the one you want.

Select a Country

To ensure your TV has all the features accessible in your country, select the country where you are utilizing the TV.

Select home use

Until you aren’t setting up your Roku TV as a store display, select the setting set up for home use.

Connect your Roku TV to your network and the Internet

  • From the available networks, choose the wireless one and enter the password. This one is the same network that you use to connect your computer or smartphone to the internet. If in all, you’re unable to view your network, select Scan again to see all the networks. If you come across any trouble while accessing the network, you may get in touch with our savvy experts for assistance.
  • In the event, you don’t want any errors while typing the password, you may choose the Show password. This helps in preventing typing a wrong password. Further, click on connect.

Note: It is important to note here that the passwords are case-sensitive. Thus, you must enter them appropriately.

  • When you have entered your secret word and chose Connect, your Roku TV will connect to your network and the Internet. However, there are times when technical snags lead to connectivity errors. And what you need to during such situations? You just have to make a call to our professionals for help.

Download the most recent Software

When associated with the web, your Roku TV will download the most recent variant of Roku OS software and then reboot.

Make a Roku account and initiate your Roku TV

  1. To activate your Roku TV, it must be linked to a Roku account. Also, your Roku account gives the details of which devices you own and allows adding or removing channels from the Roku Channel Store.

Note: There are no charges for creating a Roku account.

  1. Guidelines for enacting your Roku TV will be shown on your TV, including an initiation code; for example “XCV5TG”. You will be required to visit on your PC or cell phone, enter the code and adhere to the guidelines to activate your Roku TV.

Connect Your Devices

  1. Connect your devices such as your cable box, game console, Blu-ray, DVD player, or VCR. Also, if you’re using your Roku TV with a soundbar or home theater receiver, connect these as well. You may also take assistance from our experts.
  2. Turn on all of your connected devices. Since your Roku TV can detect these devices, hence you’re promoted to turn them on before proceeding. When that’s done, select Everything is plugged in and turned on, and then move ahead.
  3. Press the OK button on Roku TV remote, and afterward, press the OK button on Roku TV remote again to affirm that everything is connected and turned on.
  4. Guided Setup requests that you dole out a name and symbol to the gadget associated with the principal input. You can choose from a preselected drop-down menu or select Set custom name and symbol to tweak the info name and browse a symbol menu. Following a couple of moments, the screen likewise shows a little window indicating the program playing on the gadget associated with the info, assuming any. Utilize the UP and DOWN bolt fastens to look through the rundown, and afterward press the OK button on Roku TV remote to make your determination.
  5. Continue this step for each input until you reach the All done
Note: At this point, your TV may play an invite video. To skip the welcome video, simply press the Home button.

Discretionary – Connecting an Antenna?

  1. This progression isn’t a piece of Guided Setup and applies just on the off chance that you are utilizing the ANTENNA input. In the event that you have a set-top box from a digital TV supplier or satellite TV, you’ll probably associate it to one of your TV’s HDMI® inputs, and never need to utilize the Antenna TV input.
  2. B) On the first occasion when you select the Antenna TV tile on the Home screen, the TV prompts you to filter for channels. Simply adhere to the guidelines on the screen to finish this progression, and afterward, you’ll have the option to watch your neighborhood communicate or non-mixed link channels.

You’re done!

You’re currently prepared to begin viewing your preferred shows.


You can customize your Roku TV by changing your topic or screensaver. You can utilize the Roku Channel Store to include new gushing channels, games, topics, screensavers, and different applications.